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TBnet Webinar in March: Advocacy

Thursday, March 25th 2021; 16:00-17:00 CET (Berlin time)

Link to online webinar:

This webinar will explore why advocacy is important in the field of tuberculosis. We will develop a discussion and would love to hear from a range of people with TB experience campaigning for change across Europe and explore why TB advocacy is important, what impact it can have, successes and pitfalls and which changes we want to push for moving forward.

The webinar will address three main questions:

  1. Why is advocacy important?

  2. Who should be doing advocacy and how?

  3. What are the biggest challenges for TB in Europe and how can advocacy help?

Three central panelists will lead a discussion of these questions. However, we are keen to invite contributions from anyone joining the webinar but particularly wish to hear the voices of any TB survivors and people working in advocacy roles. There will be opportunity to hear from you and your organisations and the work you are doing.

Leading our discussion we have:

Paul Thorn, TBpeople, Director

Paul has extensive advocacy experience in the fields of both TB and HIV. He's an author and broadcaster and has written several books including ’Diary of a Modern Consumptive' and 'HIV Happy'. Paul is director of TBpeople, the global network of TB activists working across the world. In 2019 TBpeople received the Stop TB Partnership's Empowering Community Voices 2019 Award for "dedication to TB survivors and people affected by TB through community mobilization and human rights activism". @Paul_Thorn @realTBpeople

Kseniia Shchenina, TB survivor and activist Kseniia is a TB survivor, activist and feminist from Russia. Since 2011, after she completed the treatment, Kseniia has been protecting the rights of people affected by tuberculosis. In 2016, she was one of the cofounders of the TBpeople network. She coauthored TB and You, a book written by TB patients for TB patients. Kseniia believes that TB must be smashed in the root.

Jessica Potter, TBnet, Advocacy Lead

Jess is a consultant in respiratory medicine and TB specialist working in London. She has campaigned to raise awareness of TB alongside Results UK and also campaigns for the healthcare rights of migrants - a group of people particularly affected by TB in a UK context

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