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European Advanced Course

European Advanced Course


What is the European Advanced Course?

The EACCTB is designed for practising physicians with an interest in tuberculosis.  The purpose of the course is to address those areas of clinical practice that are difficult in terms of diagnosis or treatment, how to manage adverse effects, to review the year’s advances in managing tuberculosis and to present patients’ experience of the problems in reaching a diagnosis or coping successfully with treatment.


European Advanced Course Helsinki 2022

This year the European Advanced Course on Clinical Tuberculosis (EACCTB) will be held in Finland.

The course offers you an opportunity to access up-to-date knowledge in the field of clinical TB. The course topics include novelties in diagnosis TB and latent TB infection, medication and treatment among special groups. The course faculty (Filha, TBNET, KNCV and Karolinska Institutet) has a comprehensive experience in the field of clinical TB, and during the course you will have a possibility to ask, discuss and network.

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