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Ongoing Projects


Metabolomic profile in TB

The aim of this study is to characterize the specific urinary metabolome released from TB patients by nuclear magnetic resonance in order to be used for diagnostic purposes.

Jose Dominguez


Performance of a new generation IGRA in immunocompromised individuals

This study is designed to evaluate the performance of this new ELISA based QuantiFERON-TB plus In-tube test in immunosuppressed populations.

Martina Sester


Migrant-sensitive care and tuberculosis treatment outcome and completion

The aim of the study is to assess whether migrant-sensitive care strategies lead to an increase of successful active TB and LTBI treatment outcomes in migrants.

Lorenzo Guglielmetti,

Berit Lange & Heinke Kunst

A prospective descriptive cross-sectional observational study

Tuberculosis Screening in Ukrainian Refugees: Countries practices


Raquel Duarte, Mariana Conde
Validation of a health care index for short term mortality for tuberculosis (TB) among People Living with HIV


We hypothesize that a Health Care Index (HCI) derived from a European TB/HIV co-infection cohort does equally predict the probability for death in other cohorts from various settings.

Christian Kraef


Management of tuberculosis in transplant recipients

This multicentric retrospective cohort study will compare the incidence of tuberculosis at least two years after transplant in those with screening and those without screening.


Clinical Evaluation of mfloDx™ test kit

This study aims to assess the clinical impact of the miniMDR-TB test for the diagnosis of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

Sven Hoffner, Jose Dominguez

Pragmatic trial on safety and tolerability of an optimized (high) dose of rifampicin in tuberculosis patients’

Pragmatic Optimized
Rifampicin Trial (PORT)


Martin Boeree
Xpert MTB/RIF false positive results in patients with tuberculosis


risk factors and impact on clinical outcome

Irina Kontsevaya


Management of XDR-TB in Europe
Yousra Kherabi, Lorenzo Guglielmetti, Gunar Günther

This study will aim to describe the clinical management of XDR-TB in Europe according to the revised definition, and retrospectively evaluate its treatment outcomes.

Use of hepatoprotective drugs during anti-tuberculosis treatment 


We wish to evaluate and map the prevalence of use of “hepatoprotective drugs” for patients who receive antituberculosis treatments in different countries of the WHO Europe Region.

Ohanna Kirakosyan
Availability of mental health management in the context of TB diagnosis and during TB treatment across WHO European Region


We hypothesise that mental health both in diagnosis and during TB treatment is underreported, poorly managed and appropriate guidelines are potentially missing in the WHO European Region

Christina Vilaplana, Olena Rzhepishevska, Olha Konstantynovska


Raja Idris & Nils Wetzstein

An Europe-wide Survey to evaluate the Role of Adjunctive Surgery in the Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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