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TBnet newsletter April 2022

TBnet webinar today, April 28th @16:00 CET

Ilaria Motta has organized a webinar on an interesting and important topic: Hepatopathy and tuberculosis. Here you can find more information about speakers and the link to join the webinar:

Be there and participate in the discussion - everyone is welcome!

The recorded webinars are available only to the TBnet members:


Register to the European Advanced Course on Clinical Tuberculosis, June 6-8, 2022

This year the European Advanced Course on Clinical Tuberculosis (EACCTB) will be held in Helsinki, Finland. Prof. Tuula Vasankari and colleagues from Filha, TBnet, KNCV and Karolinska Institutet have prepared a great program.

The course offers you an opportunity to access up-to-date knowledge in the field of clinical TB. The course topics include novelties for diagnosis of TB and latent TB infection, medication and treatment among special groups. During the course, you will have time to network and to discuss clinical TB topics with faculty and peers.

Here you can download the program, register and pay the fee:


Prepare for the TBnet Annual Meeting, on September 2d, 2022, Barcelona

TBnet Annual Meeting is being planned in connection to ERS Congress 2022, Barcelona.

As you may know, the dates of the ERS Congress 2022 are September, 4-6. Friday before the ERS Congress has traditionally been the day for the TBnet Annual Meeting and we plan to meet again in person on Friday, the second of September in Barcelona.

The participation in the meeting is free. The program will be announced later. For now, the date is established by the TBnet Steering Committee to allow those who wish to attend to prepare the trip and accommodation accordingly. The venue of the meeting is a lecture room at the Research Institute Germans Trias i Pujol (IGTP). The IGTP is located pretty far from the ERS Congress venue (Badalona – check the map) – this can be a useful information for accommodation planning. TBnet may organize a bus between the ERS Congress venue/Barcelona city center and the TBnet Annual Meeting venue but this is still to be confirmed.

If you have any program suggestions for the TBnet Annual Meeting, please, send them to Liga Rusmane before May 12. Below you could read more about the group that will host the TBnet Annual Meeting this year.


The Annual TBnet Meeting 2022 will be hosted by TBnet colleagues from IGTP

We decided to start a series of publications in the Newsletter to inform the TBnet members about research groups and organizations involved in the TBnet and contributing to our network. The hosts of the TBnet Annual Meeting will be the first group we will tell you about.

The Research Institute Germans Trias i Pujol (IGTP) is a public research centre in the Autonomous region of Catalonia in Northern Spain dedicated to increasing scientific knowledge and transferring it to improve the care and lives of patients. The institute is attached to a large teaching hospital in the Barcelona area; the Germans Trias University Hospital (HUGTP), and is located on Can Ruti Campus, the biomedical campus that surrounds the hospital.

At IGTP, a research group called Innovation in Respiratory Infections & Tuberculosis Diagnosis is a member of the TBnet and Dr. Jose Domínguez is a member of the steering committee. Previously, this group has already hosted the TBnet Annual Meeting in 2013 and this is the second time they will welcome the TBnet members.

The research group is working in the field of the respiratory infections and tuberculosis, improving the understanding of the host-pathogen interaction, and exploring new approaches in the diagnosis and therapies. The work is performed in collaboration and in tight coordination with the departments of Microbiology, Pediatrics, Pneumology, Intensive Care, Emergency and the Prevention Departments Preventive Medicine of the HUGTP University Hospital. The group collaborates with several national and international research groups and centers and coordinates an EU project called INNOVA4TB.

To learn more about TBnet Annual Meeting hosts check their websites and media:


TBnet Academy in Tbilisi Georgia is on schedule

The TBnet Academy is planned on the 15-18 of May 2022. Several TBnet Steering Committee members and the participants of the Academy will travel to Tbilisi, Georgia. The cover photo of this Newsletter is provided by one of TBnet colleagues/Academy organizers from Georgia. We are looking forward to this beautiful event and will tell you about the Academy in the next Newsletter.

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