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TBnet webinar April 2022

We welcome you to the TBnet monthly webinar dedicated to "Hepatopathy and tuberculosis" on Thursday, 28th of April!

Join us on Zoom!

Time: 28 April 2022 at 16 PM (CEST)

Meeting ID: 881 7794 6903

Passcode: 180227


Our speakers are:

Dr. Ohanna Kirakosyan, Research Center Borstel, Germany

Ohanna is an Infectious Diseases physician with an experience in managing TB and Hepatitis C infections. Sheworks as a Clinical Trial Manager for UNITE4TB consortium at the Research Center Borstel in Germany and collaborates as a Clinical Advisor for EndTB Trials and as a consultant for StopTB Partnership.

Dr. Simone Tunesi, ASST Valle Olona Busto Arsizio, Italy

Simone is an ID specialist, he spent three months in Senegal, working on a project about TB diagnosis in a rural area with Stop TB -Italy, and a six-month one in a Sanatorium in Bligny, France. Currently, he works in the North of Italy focusing on INH-resistant TB, HCV and MDR-TB coinfection.

Our panelist experts are:

Dr. Hannah Spencer, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Southern Africa

Hannah is an infectious diseases doctor with experience in stable and emergency humanitarian contexts including HIV, DR-TB, Hepatitis C, Ebola and Lassa fever. She has worked in TB programmes in India and Uzbekistan and currently works as a TB/HIV/Hepatitis advisor for the Southern Africa Medical Unit, Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Dr. Gina Gualano, Istituto Nazionale per le Malattie Infettive, Italy

Gina is a specialist of respiratory diseases with long experience with TB, DR-TB and NTM. In 2004 she obtained her PhD on lung, cardiac and thoracic science, she currently works at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome in the Respiratory Infectious Diseases Department.


Dr. Ilaria Motta, TB-PRACTECAL trial, Medical Monitor&Clinical Advisor, Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) UK

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