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New TBnet Study is open for collaboration!

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

The study titled "Safety and effectiveness of the co-administration of direct-acting antivirals for HCV and MDR-TB treatment" is open for collaboration!

The main objective of this retrospective study is to assess the safety and effectiveness of concomitant treatment of chronic HCV infection with directly-acting antivirals and of MDR-TB. All centres who have treated at least one HCV-positive MDR-TB patient with directly acting antivirals for HCV are eligible to participate to the study.

A secondary goal is the comparison, among MDR-TB patients who are co-infected with HCV, between those treated or untreated with direct-acting antivirals during the same period (defined as since January 1st, 2015).

More details, and the full study protocol, are available on the TBnet website:

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1 Comment

Very important and needed study, Lorenzo! Hope all works well!

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