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Important voting during the TBnet Annual Meeting - be there to express your opinion!

During the TBnet Annual Meeting 2022, September 2d, Barcelona, the members will express their opinion (vote) on the change of the address of the TBnet.

The current official address of the TBnet is in Bad Oldesloe, Germany which is an address not supported by any administrative infrastructure.

SC proposes to change the address to the Research Center Borstel, which is a research centre with a strong focus on tuberculosis research. The Research Center Borstel is the historical place for the TBnet network where it has been established at the first network meeting.

Changing the address would mean that all official correspondence addressed to the TBnet would arrive to the Research Center Borstel.

The details of changing the address will be presented during the TBnet Annual Meeting.

Additionally, the members will be asked to vote on a procedure for administration and reporting the funding in collaborative projects where TBnet is a partner.

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