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3rd International Meeting on Childhood Tuberculosis in Sofia

The pTBnet looks forward to welcoming you with an interest in improving care for children with TB to the 3rd International Meeting on Pediatric Tuberculosis in Sofia in March 2020. This meeting is now established as a regular fixture. Following on from the 2nd meeting in Vilnius in 2018, there are many exciting areas of research and clinical development to update on. Long neglected, misdiagnosed and underreported, the importance of pediatric TB is at last being appreciated and important questions are being addressed in research. This research needs to be translated into policy and clinical practice on the ground, and pTBnets aim to bring together the best international experts and speakers with those involved in hands on clinical work.

Abstracts will be welcomed for submission as eposters, and bursaries will be available to facilitate attendance from areas with high burdens of pediatric TB.

Visit the official conference website.

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