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TBnet Post Graduate Course on Clinical TB wins a diploma at the Congress of the Russian National Ass

In the middle of November, TBnet has successfully conducted a Post Graduate Course on Clinical TB during the VII Congress of the Russian National Association of Phthisiatrist (TB experts). The Congress took place in a spacious Crowne Plaza hotel St Petersburg, Russian Federation were over 500 TB experts gathered for yearly updates and discussions. There were over 60 participants in the TBnet Post Graduate Course.

The lectures were given by the TBnet team (Frank van Leth, Morten Ruhwald, Christoph Lange, Ginta Balode, Ohanna Kirakosyan and Olena Rzhepishevska) together with the team of TB experts from St Petersburg Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology (Piotr Yablonskii, Viacheslav Zhuravlev and Anna Starshinova). The topics covered by the course were: TB global epidemiology, transmission and prevention of TB, management of MDR-TB, management of NTM, surgical treatment of TB, TB and NTM case presentations, networking for young researchers and the famous TBnet quiz. Simultaneous translation of the talks to Russian was provided and the presentations were streamed online.

The audience was active and there was an extensive discussion around strategies of treatment: antibiotic treatment vs surgery.

A couple of participants in this Post Graduate Course were the colleagues who attended the TBnet Academy 2018 and it was good to meet them again.

The course was honored with a diploma from the National Association of Phthisiatrist.

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