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TBnet has conducted a project strengthening the German-Armenian cooperation in the fight against tuberculosis.

This project is funded by the German Ministry of Health (BMG).Activities in the project included TBnet Academy in Yerevan, Armenia, 2017, exchange of Armenian physicians and researchers to Germany and a joint symposium on MDR-TB in Europe.

TBnet Academy, Yerevan, 2017

A four-day TBnet Academy was held in Yerevan in mid May 2017 and provided students and young university graduates from Armenia and other Eastern European countries with the unique opportunity to benefit from the expertise of the group of international TBnet trainers and coaches. During their Academy days, participants gained insights into various European health systems and were trained in different aspects of the fight against tuberculosis, ranging from prevention through diagnostics to therapy. They were also coached in relevant skills such as the drafting of a research manuscript or the preparation of scientific presentations. The programme was rounded off by a visit to the National TB hospital and laboratory reference center.

Exchange program and MDR-TB symposium

In fall 2017, eight physicians and scientists from Armenia visited Germany for observerships in Bochum, Borstel, Freiburg, Gauting/München and Homburg/Saar. During their four-week observerships, the young physicians and scientists worked with experienced TBnet mentors. They gained in-depth insights into patient management, lab diagnostics and clinical research in Germany to help plan and prepare future cooperations between the two countries. For more details see the profiles of all participants here.

The visit of Armenian physicians and scientists in Germany was concluded with a joint symposium on MDR-TB in Europe, hosted by the TBnet at the Research Center Borstel on 20th October 2017.

This TBnet project has been coordinated by Professor Christoph Lange, Research Center Borstel, and supported by LINQ management GmbH.

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