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TBnet Webinar Childhood tuberculosis

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

An extra TBnet Webinar from the Clinical TB series this week!

On Thursday, August 26th @ 16:00 CEST the panel of experts and the audience will discuss a case of paediatric tuberculosis, its development and management.

The case will be presented by Dr Henry Welsh (Baylor College of Medicine, USA and University of Papua New Guinea) and will have three „box stops“ with questions to the expert panelists: Dr Folke Brinkmann (Catholic Hospital Bochum, Germany), Prof Ben Marais (University of Sydney, Australia) and Prof Peter Donald (Stellenbosch University, South Africa).

After the case discussion, there will be a keynote lecture on childhood tuberculosis from Prof. Anna Mandalakas (Baylor College of Medicine, USA) followed by a general discussion with the audience.

Please note that the webinar will be recorded.

No registration required.

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