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TBnet News September 2023

Today, Thursday 28 September, 16:00 CEST: TBnet webinar on paediatric TB

This is the first joint TBnet/UCL TB webinar. More information about the webinar and the link can be found here:


UNITE4TB webinar

Also today but a couple of hours earlier is another great webinar: UNITE4TB webinar Thursday, 28 September, 13:00 CEST.

Topic: Digital adherence technologies in TB care

Speaker: Kristian van Kalmthout from KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation (the Netherlands)

Don’t forget to register to this one!


TBnet Annual Meeting 2023

On 8 September we all met in beautiful Milano, Italy for the TBnet Annual Meeting 2023.

Dr Daniela Cirillo and her team hosted us at San Raffaele Hospital. We spent the day discussing TBnet activities, current and future projects, shared research ideas and formed potential collaborations. There were almost 70 participants in the room and some colleagues also joined online. Our special guest Stop TB Italia shared their experiences of working in Africa and making the lives of TB-affected communities better. And they also made our lives a bit better by inviting us to a dinner in a beautiful location in the very heart of Milano!

We thank everyone who helped to organise this event and those who joined in person and online. See you next year in Vienna!

TBnet Annual meeting in Milan - group photo

TBnet Steering Committee elections

During the TBnet Annual Meeting, the elections for the next term in the Steering Committee have taken place. TBnet members present in the room voted for the candidates while also knowing the results of the opinion poll conducted online before the elections for those who could not attend the event in person. In total we voted for 12 positions in the TBnet Steering Committee as well as Chair of NTM-NET and ptbnet.

We welcome five new members of the Steering Committee:

  • Gunar Günther – TBnet Vice-Chair

  • Natalie Lorent – Chair of NTM-NET

  • Conor Tweed – Advocacy representative

  • Simone Tunesi – Clinical TB representative

  • Francesca Saluzzo – Microbiology representative

Seven members who have already been in the TBnet Steering Committee will continue in the next term:

  • Thomas Jürs – Treasurer

  • Irina Kontsevaya – Diagnostics representative

  • Martina Sester – Translational Research representative

  • Lorenzo Guglielmetti – Clinical trials representative

  • Berit Lange – Epidemiology representative

  • Christoph Lange – Education representative

  • Folke Brinkmann – ptbnet representative

TBnet Chair Liga Kuksa welcomes the new and old members of the TBnet Steering Committee and hopes for successful work together towards a world free of TB!

We would also like to say thank you to those members who are leaving the TBnet Steering Committee: Olena Rzhepishevska (Vice-Chair), Jose Dominguez (Microbiology), Ilaria Motta (Clinical TB), Jessica Potter (Advocacy), and Jakko van Ingen (NTM-NET). You will be missed!

TBnet Steering Committee 2023

Two workshops in Namibia

The University of Namibia is organising two workshops in Windhoek, Namibia:

  • Research Methods Workshop, 28 –31 January 2024

  • Writing Workshop & Retreat, 31 January – 02 February 2024

The workshops are aimed primarily at participants from Africa but applications from Europe are also welcome.

More information and registration forms can be downloaded here:


TBnet News

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