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TBnet Academy took place in Tbilisi, Georgia

Between 15th and 18th May 2022, the Tuberculosis Network European Trials Group (TBnet) held their annual teaching academy at the National Center for Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases in Tbilisi, Georgia. TBnet is an independent association of over 800 physicians and scientists who aim to reduce the burden of tuberculosis (TB) in the world today through education and research.

TBnet Academy brings together young clinicians and researchers from across Europe to participate in an intensive 3-day programme, including teaching ward rounds, a laboratory tour, and student-led lectures. The participants are mentored by a team of expert clinicians and scientists. These international collaborations, particularly in times of conflict and economic instability in the European region, are vital to ensure continued exchange of scientific ideas and clinical knowledge in addition to cultural education and friendship.

Dr Liga Kuksa, Chair of TBnet, pulmonologist and Head of WHO CC Latvia, TB and Lung Disease Center at Riga East University Hospital said,

The TBnet Academy is a unique event for young specialists working in TB field to see the essence of the newest scientific and practical achievements and experience the importance and necessity of research. The aim of the Academy is to encourage participants and help them to gain specific skills to be successful in research".

"The TBnet Academy is our prime educational activity", said Professor Christoph Lange, member of the TBnet Steering Committee, pulmonologist and infectious diseases specialist and Medical Director of the Research Center Borstel in Germany.

"Young clinicians and scientists from different parts of Europe with a strong interest in TB research gather together to learn from each other and to continue to built our professional network across Europe. The atmosphere is awesome and it is a career building event not to be missed".


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