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Join TBnet webinar: TB immunity from diagnostics to vaccination

The first TBnet webinar of the year will be on January 26th, Thursday @16:00.

Title: TB immunity from diagnostics to vaccination.

Join us on Zoom:

Time: January 26th, Thursday @16:00


Meeting ID: 842 6626 6018

Passcode: 300123



Simone A Joosten, Associate Professor, Department of Infectious Diseases, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands

Having a biomedical background with a specialization in immunology, my main interest is to understand the human immune system in health and disease. Over the last decade my group has been working on host immunity towards tuberculosis (TB). TB biomarkers are one of the key subjects we have been working on, including bioprofiling of clinical samples. In addition, we have been interested in cellular immunity towards Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). My group aims to unravel the pathophysiological role of cellular immune responses in the combat against Mtb. We aim to combine clinical data and samples with functional immunological characterization of the responses.

Expert panel:

Jose Dominguez, Senior Researcher, Research Institute Germans Trias i Pujol, INNOVA4TB Coordinator, Associated Professor, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

The group of Jose Dominguez works in the field of respiratory infections and tuberculosis, improving the understanding of the host-pathogen interaction, and exploring new approaches in the diagnosis and therapies. The work is done in collaboration with the departments of Microbiology, Pediatrics, Pneumology, Intensive Care and the Preventive Medicine at the Germans Trias University Hospital. The group is a member of TBnet and Dr. Domínguez is a member of the TBnet steering committee.

Johan Normark, Associate professor, consultant physician, Umeå University/ Umeå University Hospital, Sweden

I am an infectious diseases clinician and Associate Professor at the university.

My research group is focused on host immunological and metabolomic responses to acute infections and vaccination.


Olena Rzhepishevska, PhD, Scientist, Department of Chemistry/ Department of clinical Microbiology, Umeå University, Sweden

Olena Rzhepishevska is a microbiologist/molecular biologist. In the recent years, she is using metabolomics as the main tool for understanding the interaction between bacteria as well as host-pathogen interaction during bacterial infections - including tuberculosis. Olena is a board member of INNOVA4TB consortium and is active in Advance-TB consortium, COST. She is the vice-chair of the TBnet.

Webinar satellite session with a short discussion of a clinical case:

Bilateral TB treatment in a patient with rapidly progressing glomerulonephritis”. You have read about this case in the Circle and the TBnet News from December. Now we have a chance to discuss the development of this case.

Chair: Ilaria Motta

Presenting: Simone Tunesi

Clinical case session with Ilaria Motta and Simone Tunesi will start at 17:00 after the webinar (same link).

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