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Fundraising for the TB & HIV diagnostic lab Odessa, Ukraine

TBnet and INNOVA4TB project are raising funds for an electrical generator to support the work of the TB/HIV laboratory of the former Regional Tuberculosis Hospital, Odessa Ukraine presently called "The Centre for Socially Significant Diseases".

Read more on the fundraiser page:

This Centre and its laboratory were co-hosting the TBnet Academy 2016. Many of you remember the event and those who do not remember can check out this TBnet Academy 2016 video:

Now, the electrical power cuts due to the war create dramatic difficulties for the Centre for Socially Significant Diseases - every day is a fight.

Since 2016, the laboratory has been modernized and partially rebuilt. The Regional Tuberculosis Hospital has merged with the Regional HIV Centre and now the laboratory conducts both TB and HIV testing for Odessa region. As for TB, it uses BACTEC incubators and GeneXpert machines, which allowed to substantially cut the time from first contact with the health care to diagnosis and treatment initiation. During COVID pandemics the Centre has supported and still supports COVID-19 diagnostic and treatment.

The laboratory of such type is the only in the region and supports the whole region. Since 2019, the Centre for Socially Significant Diseases is a partner in INNOVA4TB research project: We witnessed dedication of the laboratory staff to their clinical work despite reorganizational difficulties and funding cuts.

Support the lab with an electricity generator here and note that the fundraiser is in Swedish Crowns (SEK). 1000 SEK = 89,01 euros – we are targeting an amount of 180 000 SEK = 16 000 euros:

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