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Photo Contest 2020


Everyone is encouraged to participate in the photo contest – civil society members, medical doctors, patients, nurses, students or scientists. The idea of the photo contest is to make TB more visible in the society.


The author of the best image will receive a diploma and 250€ voucher for tickets (reimbursement) to come to Vienna, Austria to participate in the TBnet Annual Meeting and photo exhibition in September 2020.

Winner 2020

Today, on the World TB Day we congratulate Vitaliy Osetinskiy the winner of the TBnet Photo Contest 2020!

His photo told a story of a young woman who has been fighting with XDR-TB for several years and won with the help of friends. The photo received most votes at the TBnet website.

Vitaliy Osetinskiy will receive a voucher to attend the TBnet Meeting 2020 in Austria. There, we will have an opportunity to hear the story of his connection to TB and potentially see other photos of Vitaliy.

Other participants will receive the Diploma of Participation as we greatly value their contribution to the contest and appreciate their spirit and the fight against this disease!

These are the names of all the participants: Wolfgang Hofer, Oleksandr Ilchenko, Oluwafunke Racheal Dosumu, Giorgio Besozzi, Irina Kontsevaya, Maitala Garba, Stanislav Pavskyi, Zahra Rizvi, Andrii Dudnyk, Anna Starshinova, Clement Okeke, Dilshat Haitov, Evans Odhiambo Opany, Norman Kagiso Matiting, Nedal Ghuniem.

Thank you so much for your participation, you showed in your photos your side of the TB story and how the situation with TB is there where you live - this matters to us!


Click on the pictures to read the story behind them.

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